Award-winning, high-quality and luxurious FLEXIMA® mattresses are like no other mattresses on the market.

At the core of every FLEXIMA® mattress lie the innovative, patented, high-quality synthetic springs that represent a small revolution in the mattress industry!

These springs create comfortable, luxurious, flexible and long lasting mattresses ideal not only for boats, caravans, RVs and motorhomes, but also for allergy sufferers’ home mattresses too.

Award-winning and innovative design

Designed for comfort

The FLEXIMA® Sleeping System promises the sleep you enjoy at home … on your boat or in your caravan! 

  • FLEXIMA® mattresses use a patented synthetic inner sprung system to support your body and relieve your spine. This makes luxuriating on your boat or caravan at night as rewarding as revelling or relaxing on it during the day
  • The cold foam core and open cell structure of the FLEXIMA® Sleeping System naturally ventilates the mattress while you’re asleep. Every move you make expels warm damp air and replaces it with cool dry air.

The smooth fibres of the TENCEL® quilted cover feel cool and soft against your skin.

Designed to be user friendly

The FLEXIMA® Sleeping System is designed to be carefreely used … over and over again.

  • All FLEXIMA® mattresses come with removable, machine- washable TENCEL® covers. TENCEL® is not only hypoallergenic and ‘moisture wicking’ but it resists mould and bacteria too.
  • Air and freshen your FLEXIMA® mattress as often as you want. It is lightweight and easy to move using the carry handles fitted along the sides.
  • Unlike traditional mattresses, our FLEXIMA® mattresses are very flexible … and unexpectedly easy to fold and conveniently transport through companion ways and down staircases.

The foam core of FLEXIMA® mattresses can be flushed with fresh water to remove salt, if required.

Designed to be a perfect fit

The custom made nature of FLEXIMA® Sleeping System means you’re not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  • Our mattresses are hand tailored to snugly fit the unique bedding shape found on your boat or caravan.  We can fit to curves, angles, mitres and even make multi piece mattresses.
  • FLEXIMA® can make a mattress to suit your particular bed … deep enough to provide extraordinary comfort, yet thin enough to provide optimal headroom.

FLEXIMA® mattresses are individually manufactured to a firmness that suits you … as soft or as firm as you like with options for different levels of firmness on each side of the mattress.

Designed for the planet

The FLEXIMA® Sleeping System is made on the only planet we have.

  • Our mattresses are made completely from sustainable and recyclable materials … FLEXIMA® does not use the planet’s scarce resources.
  • There are no plasticizers in our mattresses … so FLEXIMA® is not adding to plastic waste in the environment.
  • FLEXIMA® Sleeping Systems are handmade right here in Australia by Eco Marine Bedding  … so our carbon footprint through transport & distribution is minimised.

The high quality of our mattresses means they last longer, saving you money and reducing landfill.

Unbeatable advantage of the Flexima® mattresses

Innovative metal-free spring system eliminates rust

Unlike traditional boat and caravan mattresses which are either a slab of foam or contain metal springs that are heavy, inflexible, susceptible to corrosion and not suitable for a hard bed base, FLEXIMA®  mattress springs are made from long lasting Polyoxymethylene (POM) which eliminates all the disadvantages of metal springs, especially rust.

Unique ventilation system maintains a healthy mattress

The foam core of a FLEXIMA®mattress has cavities that hold the springs in the centre of the core and act as ventilation ducts.

Any movement on the mattress pumps warm air and humidity out of the mattress and cool air back into the mattress, creating a microclimate that guarantees air circulation for a healthy mattress!

Because these springs effectively ‘integrate’ a slatted frame in the cold foam, FLEXIMA®  mattresses can be placed directly on a closed surface such as wood and fibreglass without the need for slats.

Luxurious cold set foam adds comfort and longevity

The foam used in FLEXIMA®  mattresses is “cold set polyurethane foam”, the same foam used to make luxury car seats. It is long lasting and maintains its characteristics far longer than regular polyurethane foam. The foam is also “open cell” so no moisture can lie dormant within.

Foam grooves and springs provide customised support

Just like luxury home mattresses, the grooves cut into the foam of a FLEXIMA®mattress vary in spacing and depths, working together with springs of different tension to provide customised support for your head, shoulder and hips.

Fully washable cover and core makes it easy to clean

The removable and washable covers of a FLEXIMA®mattress are easy to remove and can be machine-washed up to 60ºC or 140ºF. 

Once the cover has been removed, the foam core/spring module can be vacuumed and cleaned as well and, if necessary, the foam core can be flushed with fresh water to remove salt and keep the mattress clean and fresh.

Air mesh layer eliminates condensation and mould

A 6mm, ¼” air mesh is sewn into the bottom of the mattress cover, maintaining a layer of air between the mattress and the hard bed base. If the sides of the mattress touch the hull, the air mesh is also added to the sides.

This feature eliminates condensation and mould and it also adds additional aeration.

Moisture-wicking TENCEL® covers create comfort and reduce allergies

The top layer of the FLEXIMA®mattress cover is made of TENCEL®, a 100% natural and renewable fibre made from Eucalyptus tree.

TENCEL® is one of the most skin-friendly and allergy-friendy materials – hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and extremely smooth. It is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, cooler than linen, wicking moisture away from the body and providing a cooling effect.

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