Custom Bedding

In addition to handcrafting custom mattresses to fit your yacht, boat, caravan, RV or your home, we also offer high quality, custom made bedding solutions to perfectly fit your mattress, no matter what shape or size it is.

Our range of custom bedding is available in high quality allergy friendly and eco-friendly fibres that include TENCEL®, organic bamboo and organic cotton.

TENCEL® custom sheets and pillow cases

The unique moisture wicking properties, washability and comfort levels of TENCEL® make it the ideal fabric for use on boats! TENCEL® provides naturally efficient moisture dispersion and optimum breathability for a healthy sleep, keeping you cool and dry.

  • Moisture wicking – it can absorb huge amounts of moisture, without wetting the fibre surface
  • Extremely quick to dry – even on the warmest and most humid of days
  • Superb touch – softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen
  • Odour resistant – its fibres transport moisture directly to the fibre core
  • Bacteria resistant – up to 2000 times less bacteria grow on TENCEL® fibres than on synthetic fibres
  • Allergy friendly – It carries the SENSITIVE CHOICE seal of the National Asthma Council for its non-allergenic properties
  • Wrinkle resistant and machine washable – easy to care for and looks good
  • Eco-friendly fibre – one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, TENCEL® is 10 times more ecological than cotton and uses up to 20% less water for production. 100x more water is required to grow cotton compared to the production of TENCEL® including pulp production.

Good for your skin and good for the planet, this completely biodegradable, eco-friendly fibre is made from 100% wood pulp, using fast growing and sustainably harvested wood.

Our entire range of custom fitted and standard sized TENCEL® sheets, sheet sets and pillowcases can be custom made to fit any size or shaped mattress and are available in either white or silver.

TENCEL® pillows and doonas

Our Eco Marine pillows and doonas are encased in luxurious TENCEL® fabric, offering natural anti-allergy properties and high moisture absorption and dispersion, they are designed to help you to sleep in comfort.

Pillows are either 100% TENCEL® or filled with 100% TENCEL® – NO memory foam and all our doonas are available in light, high and super loft, and can be washed with a gentle machine wash and tumble dried.

FLEXIMA® mattress soft toppers

A custom-made FLEXIMA® Nautic pillow top (soft topper) provides an additional level of ultimate luxury and comfort for any size or shaped boat, caravan, RV, motorhome or home mattresses and it can be zipped onto the mattress to allow for easy removal and cleaning.

Certified organic cotton or bamboo custom bedding

If you prefer, we can also custom make organic cotton or organic bamboo fitted sheets, sheet sets, pillow cases and

doona covers to fit your boat, caravan, RV or home mattresses.

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