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For Eco Marine owner, Karl Mikschofsky, it was over a decade spent upgrading and equipping yachts for bluewater sailing and long distance cruising in his Cruising Conversions business that made him aware of the ongoing important issues that sailors of all types of boats needed help with.

“There were two main problems that I saw coming up, time and time again,” says Karl. “One was toilets on boats and the other was the poor quality of mattresses on boats. I decided to sort out the mattress side of things, leaving the toilets to be addressed by someone else!”

At the start of his partnership with FLEXIMA®, Karl was the Australian distributor for  FLEXIMA®, templating the mattresses to be manufactured in Austria and then exported back to Australia.

Today, Eco Marine is the official manufacturer and distributor of the Award winning FLEXIMA® mattresses for the Australian and the South Pacific region.

“We now custom manufacture our FLEXIMA® mattresses for boat, caravan and home under licence right here in our Sydney factory, using the exact same high-quality materials used to manufacture FLEXIMA® mattresses in the Austrian head office, all manufactured to very strict terms and conditions. 

“Every part of our FLEXIMA® mattresses are purpose designed and custom made to create an incredibly high quality and long lasting mattress that provides the ultimate level of comfort in your boat, caravan, RV or home. It’s this commitment to quality and innovation that allows FLEXIMA® to provide a 10 year warranty on their entire range of mattresses.”

The “Rolls Royce” of boat mattresses

Karl credits the ongoing success of Eco Marine to the unique and award winning properties of the FLEXIMA® range of mattresses.

“I realised there was a genuine need for quality mattresses on boats because most boats come equipped with very thin and uncomfortable foam mattresses”.

“FLEXIMA® is the only purpose designed mattress on the market for boats, with all of our competitors being either made from foam or home mattress cut into shape.

“The innovative and award-winning FLEXIMA® spring element is a small revolution in the mattress industry as it consists of a high-quality synthetic, which ensures excellent spring action, does not rust, allows for different levels of support within the mattress and creates a microclimate that guarantees air circulation for a healthy mattress.

“Unlike other mattresses, a FLEXIMA® mattress can be placed on a hard surface as the spring system made of plastic already embedded in the cold foam core, compensates for the lack of a sprung or slatted base. The intelligent design of the mattress ensures that any humidity or heat will be pumped out of the side of the mattress  with each movement.

“All FLEXIMA® mattresses can be customised to any shape, size, level of thickness and firmness – it really is the Rolls Royce of boat mattresses, which is why discerning owners of luxury Fleming and Palm Beach yachts choose  FLEXIMA® .”

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